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Philharmonia Orchestra website
A 5 minute film about Messiaen, synaesthesia and Jane Mackay's paintings of music made for the Philharmonia Orchestra's website.

October 2006 UK Synaesthesia Association Newsletter. Does Synaesthesia run in the family ?
Jane Mackay wrote: “My sister is a synaesthete. Though not knowing about synaesthesia at the time, we remember that as very young children we used to argue about the colours of our days of the week, hers being quite different from mine. For example, her Wednesday was a murky green and mine was lemon yellow. Her colours used to get 'shinier' and more vivid as she approached the weekend days. I saw colours and patterns for my days e.g. Friday was, and still is, black and white squares. I don't remember my sister ever talking about patterned days. We both see numbers as coloured too, and months of the year, but I don't think my sister sees music, as I do.”

Seeing is believing
An article about Jane's synaesthesia by Michael Clerizo which appeared in the Observer newspaper in August 2002.

I can see sounds
'I can See Sounds' - article on the BBC News website about Jane's synaesthesia; January 2002.

The Sight of Music
An illustrated article by Tracey Murkett which first appeared in the Artists and Illustrators Magazine in April 2001

UK Synaesthesia Association
The UK Synaesthesia Association website is a comprehensive resource about this subject.

Science Museum, London
See the Science Museum website for information on synaesthesia to which Jane Mackay has contributed.

Article by Judith Harvey
A piece about Jane Mackay and her synaesthesia written for the National Association of Sessional GPs' blog.

Curtain up - internet theatre magazine
An article by Lizzie Loveridge, an old friend from schooldays!

Article by Jane Mackay
'Painting Music' - a summary of her synaesthetic experiences written by Jane for the publishers Boydell and Brewer in August 2009.

Salisbury Journal 30 January 2013
This is an article about my exhibition of paintings of Britten's Third Cello Suite, in the Medieval Hall, Salisbury at the end of January 2013

Influence of Music on Painting and Animation by Jennifer Gilbert